Knowing El Shaddai, the God of Blessings

Many Christians have become too busy with the hassle and bustle of life that they often neglect one of the most important aspects of living – spending quality time with the Lord. We often fail to see the significance and the true beauty of such time investment with the Lord. We are either too busy, or we are simply too tired to engage in such seemingly unfruitful activity. Yet, quality time with the Lord is vital, not only for our spiritual growth, but also for us to reap the manifold blessings of living under the shadow of the Almighty (Psalm 91:1). To experience the full manifestations of the covenantal benefits found in Psalm 91, we need to constantly abide in His presence.

The word ‘Almighty’, which means El Shaddai in Hebrew, occurs 48 times in the Bible. When we dwell and fellowship regularly with our El Shaddai, He will bring great blessings to our spiritual life. El Shaddai is the source of our total wellbeing and satisfactions in life (John 15:1-9).

Learn to ‘pitch your tent’ under His presence. Learn to abide faithfully under the shadow of El Shaddai. His presence is the place where multiple blessings are found (Gen 17:1-2). It is during those times of close communion that fruitfulness abounds (Gen 28:1-3). Under His shadow, lack can never be found – God becomes ‘more than enough’ for us in every situation (Gen 35:9-11). It is in this realm where all our destinies can come to complete fulfillment (Gen 48:3-4). It is in the abode of His glorious presence that the abundance of blessings reside (Gen 49:22-26).

Truly, it is in this secret place where all God’s promises are quickened and come alive as living rhema (Luke 1:35-37). When the God of Abraham, Isaac, and Jacob, the Almighty God (Ex 6:3), becomes the God of your life, you shall be filled always with the goodness and the riches that come from the true vine of Christ.

Every generous giver has a covenantal connection with the El Shaddai (Gen 28:22; 35:11). Our God is a God of multiplication (Gen 35:11), and in this season of “fatness”, the vats of El Shaddai shall burst forth with new wines of prosperity and revelations (Pro 3:9-10; Job 29:2-5).

El Shaddai is the key factor that will bring to pass our blossoming future (Gen 17:1-18). He is the source of our absolute fulfillment. Under His wings of welfare, the God of recompense (Ruth 2:12), the El Shaddai, shall feed (Shaddai) you richly with great strength (El). We shall be empowered to flourish fruitfully while accomplishing His glorious agenda. Just as God poured great favour over Ruth, so shall we experience His tremendous goodness. Just as Ruth received a double portions harvest: the barley and the wheat, we are now in the season of this double blessedness!

Indeed, when the patriarch Jacob prophesied over his beloved son Joseph (Gen 49), he was in fact telling Joseph: “You are the apple of El Shaddai. God has favoured you. El Shaddai will bless you abundantly and exceedingly with great harvest of prosperity. You will prosper greatly in every direction you pursue, because this all-sufficient God shall be the God of abundance in your life.”

El Shaddai is also our impregnable defense (Job 22:25). He is our shade and shield. He will preserve us from the harassments and the oppositions of the enemies. The arrows and the sword of the Almighty shall bring forth righteous judgments (Job 6:14; Rev 19:15). The tremors of the fierceness of the wrath of Almighty God shall be felt in this coming year ( Rev 19:15; Joel 1:15). He shall scatter our strong enemy (Num 10:35; Psalm 68:14). Truly, the plans of the wicked and every storm of darkness and dreadfulness shall not prosper against us (Num 24:16; Num 23:23). The God of Job, the Almighty God shall vindicate our cause and restore our rightful inheritance (Job 31:2, 35; Job 22:21-30).